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Canada, with its rich and diverse culture, also offers a fascinating array of chocolatey flavours. With cocoa representing 70% of the chocolate world, Canada stands as a must-visit destination for all enthusiasts of this delight.

Chocolat, Montreal

Founded in the bustling heart of Montreal, Chocolat Montreal is a true institution for chocolate lovers. Its proximity to Rue Ste Catherine East makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists.

Chocolate Praline

Culinary Specialties on Chocolat Montreal’s Menu

Chocolat Montreal excels in crafting artisanal chocolates. Their expertise shines through in their pralines, truffles, and other delights.

Menu itemDescription
PralineCrunchy sweetness
Chocolate truffleMelting richness

Cacao: A Canadian staple

Born in Montreal, the Cacao chocolate bistro franchise quickly established itself as one of the leaders in the world of chocolate in Canada. Since its foundation, the network has expanded to cities such as Toronto, offering a unique cocoa experience.

Culinary Specialties on the Cacao Menu

The Cacao menu is distinguished by its chocolate delights. From fondues and waffles to chocolate smoothies, every bite promises an explosion of flavour.

Cacao 70

Cacao , Toronto

Located on Toronto offers a breathtaking view of the city’s hustle and bustle. Rave reviews refer to their chocolate shakes and desserts as “incomparable.”

Menu itemDescription
Chocolate FondueA variety of fruits for dipping
Choco-Hazelnut WaffleGarnished with chocolate and hazelnuts

Chocolaterie du Village Terrebonne

Located in the heart of Terrebonne, Chocolaterie du Village is a treasure trove for those looking to escape into the world of cocoa.

Chocolaterie du Village Terrebonne

Chocolaterie du Village’s menu of culinary specialties

With a focus on craftsmanship, the Chocolaterie offers a range of chocolate bonbons, as well as seasonal creations that delight the senses.

Menu itemDescription
Chocolate sweetsVariety of flavours and textures
Seasonal chocolateCreations inspired by popular holidays

La Distillerie de Montréal

Located in Montreal’s legendary Distillery District, La Distillerie offers much more than beverages: it’s a historic experience with a modern cocoa twist.

Martini Chocolat

Special drinks at La Distillerie

Combining history with a passion for cocoa, La Distillerie offers chocolate-infused alcoholic beverages, creating the perfect harmony for chilly evenings.

Choco-WhiskyWhisky with a hint of dark chocolate
Martini ChocolatLiquid sweetness for gourmets

Chocolat 70, Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, with its rich history, is home to a chocolate culture that is both traditional and innovative.

Dark chocolate truffle

Culinary Specialties at Chocolat Sherbrooke

From dark chocolate truffles to spiced bars, each product is designed to offer a unique taste experience.

Menu itemDescription
Dark chocolate truffleMelting pleasure for 70%
Spicy barA fusion of warmth and softness

Cocoa Café and Choco Café Halifax

Halifax’s two East Coast gems, Cocoa Café and Choco Café, are a must for any visitor.


Special Offers at Cocoa Café and Choco Café

Renowned for their chocolate drinks and pastries, these cafés are the ideal place to relax while enjoying cocoa delights.

Choco-LattePerfect balance between coffee and chocolate
Cocoa tartCrunchy sweetness for gourmands

Culinary Experience Beyond Chocolate

Restaurant au Cacao, Ottawa

Overview: Located in the heart of Ottawa, Restaurant au Cacao is a unique fusion of traditional Canadian cuisine and cocoa nuances. The restaurant’s philosophy is to reinvent classic dishes by integrating chocolate touches to offer a unique culinary experience.


  • Cocoa salad: Fresh vegetables, roasted cocoa beans and chocolate vinaigrette.
  • Cocoa Grilled Steak: Cocoa marinade, served with a spicy chocolate sauce.

Restaurant Fondue Ottawa

Presentation: A total immersion in the art of fondue. Restaurant Fondue Ottawa goes beyond traditional fondues to explore the depth and complexity of chocolate through a variety of fondues.


  • Dark chocolate fondue: With fresh fruit and marshmallows for dipping.
  • White chocolate 70 and red fruit fondue 30 : A tangy sweetness.

Restaurant Wellington, Sherbrooke

Presentation: Nestled in Sherbrooke’s picturesque landscape, Restaurant Wellington is an establishment that skillfully balances haute gastronomy with cocoa touches.


  • Pan-fried foie gras with chocolate: A bold yet harmonious combination.
  • Roast chicken with cocoa and spices: An exquisite blend of sweet and savory.

Restaurant Quoi de Neuf, St Eustache

Presentation: Restaurant Quoi de Neuf in St Eustache is the perfect reflection of the new Canadian culinary wave, blending traditional techniques with contemporary innovations, notably the use of cocoa.


  • Risotto with cocoa and mushrooms: An earthy-sweet fusion.
  • Chocolate and pecan tartlet: A traditional dessert revisited.

Canadian Chocolate Delights & Thrilling Gaming Adventures

Across Canada, from Montreal to Halifax, cocoa culture flourishes, offering visitors a rich palette of gourmet experiences. Each region, each city, imbues its distinctive brand, establishing Canada as a destination of choice for chocolate aficionados.

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Brunch with a Touch of Cocoa

pancakes topped with delicious chocolate syrup

Brunch Menu at Cocoa Restaurant

The renowned Cocoa Restaurant embraces the current trend for chocolate brunches. Their rich and varied menu features dishes such as pancakes topped with delicious chocolate syrup or French toast dusted with pure cocoa.

Pancakes ChocoTopped with rich cocoa syrup
Toasts CacaoFrench toast generously dusted with cocoa powder

Brunch Avenue Mont Royal

Montreal’s Avenue Mont Royal is renowned for its gourmet brunches. Many establishments, including Restaurant Quoi de Neuf in St Eustache, offer a variety of brunch menus, where cocoa is often the star of the plates.

Fondue Restaurant Ottawa in the Distillery District Toronto

Right in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District, Fondue Restaurant Ottawa stands out for its brunch offerings, with a menu specially dedicated to cocoa lovers. The options are numerous and will delight the most demanding palates.

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Across Canada, from Montreal to Halifax, cocoa culture flourishes. It offers visitors a rich palette of gourmet experiences. Each region, each city, imbues its distinctive brand, establishing Canada as a destination of choice for chocolate aficionados.