Monopoly, who has not grown up with it. This family board game has been number one in board games for years and is still played with great pleasure during many a friend’s evening, party or birthday.

With the arrival of Monopoly Live, game developer Evolution Gaming brings a new dimension to this board game. Besides the stunning graphics using new technologies like augmented reality, this online casino game variant offers the possibility to play Monopoly alone. In addition, Monopoly Live has bonus games.

The Monopoly bonus game makes this game unique from any other Money Wheel game.

The Evolution Gaming emblem

Evolution Gaming has designed a truly fantastic bonus game with all the elements of the famous board game. And by learning a particular Monopoly live casino strategy, you will be able to achieve some success in the game.

Mr. Monopoly collects for you the prizes you have won. You may, depending on which bonus you won, roll 2 x or 4 x. The street you land on determines the cash prize you win. And just like in the real game, the further you get on the board, the higher the prizes.

It gets even more interesting if a multiplier is rolled before you win the bonus game: this multiplier is applied to all winnings during the bonus feature.

It is possible to win additional throws by throwing double. Each double throw earns a cash prize and an additional throw.

Monopoly Cube lying on the board

Of course, just like in the real game, there are many more ways to win – and lose – money:

  • Hotels are built on some streets for extra large prizes
  • Chance or general fund cards give cash prizes or a fine
  • If you end up in jail, you must roll doubles to get out
  • Taxes reduce your winnings by 10% or 20%.

Anyway, it’s all very entertaining, especially if you manage to throw a lot of doubles or enter the bonus round with a multiplier.