Franchise questionnaire

Want to open a Cacao 70 of your own? If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, please visit the desktop version of our website to check you meet the requirements and fill out an application.
This questionnaire does not obligate either party in any manner



Location Preferences (list of cities or towns)


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Please complete in full.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT: Do not combine your partner’s financial information with your statement

* Note the items which you would convert to cash, if necessary, to meet the initial unencumbered cash requirement for a Cacao 70 franchise. Unencumbered equity refers to assets without liabilities against them. This does not include funds that are borrowed such as line of credit, investors or loans.
Please forward the original, completed questionnaire and personal resumé (optional).

Incomplete questionnaire will be returned.

Updated: April 2014

Franchise cost: $ 600,000.00 - $ 800,000.00 plus applicable tax

Working capital: $ 120,000.00